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One of the most important relationships you can have is one with yourself. Self-love is so necessary and often overlooked. Many will look for true love outside of themselves before they look within. 

Self-love will dictate your actions all throughout life. Self-love ignites an everlasting fire that will continue to burn on even through darkest of times. Self-love will cause you to not only love who you are, but also love who you will become. Self-love inserts in a place so deep, no one can touch or destroy. It’s the love that will continue to burn when others run out. Self-love will not leave you begging for attention from others. Self-love will give your permission to be you and not feel the need to peek over the fence to see if the grass is greener. Self-love will give you the confidence to stand in your skin and appreciate everything that is you. Self-love will allow you to be honest with yourself to the point of change. Self-love will steer you away from things and people that are no good. Self-love gives you authority to forgive yourself of your past mistakes and takes you by the hand and walks with you into your future. Self-love holds the key to locking the ability to truly love others. 

Self-love is a beautiful gem that everyone should seek, find and keep forever.


Christiana is out here just trying to make it...

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Thank you for this reminder!

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