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1. I am not a black woman, but I still want to support Feminessay. What can I do to contribute?


The Feminessay space is meant for fellowship among black women from all types of backgrounds. Our variety is beautiful, and we want to share our many stories with each other and the world. Feminessay was founded under the reality that there is no other online space that is specifically designated for sharing the voices of Black women through our lived experiences and storytelling.

If you do not identify as a black woman, there are many other online spaces to share your work. We appreciate your continued support and we hope that you will engage with the Feminessay community by reading our pieces, appreciating our stories, and encouraging Black women through the power of their writing. Share the site with your friends, follow @feminessay on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. While we only publish the writings of Black women, we appreciate everyone’s support in spreading the word about our stories!



2. Is there a length requirement for writing submissions?


We request that you submit typed pieces that do not exceed 1500 words.


3. Is there a specific theme or topic that I should write about?


The theme is your life. We know that is a really broad topic and that is what makes it so special! Write about anything that is relevant to your life, has meaning to you, and will tell readers about you and your experience. We may request thematic pieces during certain times of the year, but we will always accept submissions that are personal, reflective, honest, and relatable.


4. Do I have to be a certain age to submit a piece?


There is no age requirement for submitting a piece.




If you have any additional questions that are not addressed here, please email us at



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