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How I Overcame Rejection and Fear to CEO/Founder

In the mist of being raped, barely graduating high school with a 1.6662 GPA, being rejected from jobs and trying to figure out who I was I would love to help others get themselves back on their feet.

Witnessing my Dad struggle then to become homeless humbled me to be around a situation and realize how precious life was and at any giving moment everything could turn into nothing.

Me, growing and then realizing something had to give I didn’t know what career I wanted to do but I was eager to get into the community and make a difference from seeing the police shoot black innocent unharmed men to seeing all the articles about why they wouldn’t dare hire anyone with a felony.  A “felony” doesn’t speak for you nor does being “homeless”.

Well I picked Felons and Homeless Shelters because at an young age I knew I’d love to help others in any way I could, standing out and being out the crowd felt different but I knew it was something great, city mission, doing community outreaches, doing community service, working with children, being a Mentor, doing study groups for children, tutoring for K-6.

I’m here to simply show that regardless of what family says, social media said, when everyone told me “NO.” God told me “Yes.” And his say was indeed the last say. Realizing that a story like mines could help others to see that no matter what their situations are they can get an career and be whatever their hearts desire.


Her name is Nia, she has a drive, a vision and a story that needs to be heard for those who aren’t brave at the moment to tell.



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