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The Importance of Being Seen

When I first started my online business, I never really thought about my race and the fact that I was a black woman. I just had an idea and some inspiration and wanted to make my mark


But as time went on and I began to grow my audience and connect with others in the online

space, I began to realize that I did not see many people who looked like me.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks just how important it is for me to be doing the work that I am


Not just because it is my passion and I absolutely love passing down to other women what I

have learned about living an empowered life, but because I am representing something greater to women who look like me…that we can achieve whatever our hearts desire.

That whatever limiting beliefs that society (or whoever) has tried to place on us about what we can and cannot achieve is bull crap.

We are so capable and strong and beautiful and intelligent and powerful.

I am so positively impacted when I see other women who look like me stepping into their


Which is why being seen is so important.

And little by little, it is rewriting old disempowering stories into inspiring narratives that will

change the world for the better.


Audane Leger, 29, is the founder of, a platform created to provide personal development and lifestyle design resources to millennial women who desire to live empowered lives. She helps women from all over the world to tap into their full potential and live a more fulfilled life by exploring topics such as confidence, self worth, self love and more. For more information visit and connect with @bossywomaninc on Instagram.

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