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Here at Feminessay, we are dedicated to sharing the stories of women like you!

We launched Faces of Feminessay on International Women's Day 2019 as a platform to shed light on amazing women who are doing incredible things around the world. We will be featuring one woman every month and we invite you to get to know her and connect with her below! 

First and Last Name: 

Mikhayla Robinson



Athens, Georgia​


How did you find out about Feminessay? 



Why do you write? 

I write, because it's one of the only ways my mind works to free itself. I write about myself, others, stories untold, and things that I think about all of the time. My brain works in poetry, prose, and psalms. 


How would you describe your writing?

I write in a sort of "stream of consciousness." My thoughts come in waves, so my words can seem a bit sporadic. I would like to think that I am creating this picture of life, or someone's life, through my verbiage.


How does your work/independent project(s) connect to your writing/storytelling?

I am currently writing a novel, and I just released a poetry EP on SoundCloud ,called "Forbidden Fruit". I am always writing, so my independent projects are just different mediums of my thoughts and words.


When did you realize that you should share your writing on a public platform and who/what helped you with this realization?

I realized that I should share my writing on a public platform after I started my Instagram page. I would write a poem when I felt the need or want, and I decided to share it. I didn't know how people would feel about them, but it felt right. Then, people who I knew and didn't know started to contact me and pour their heart's out about how my writing helped them, or how it conveyed a feeling they didn't know how to explain. 


What made you want to share your writing through Feminessay?

I've always to submit my writing to a platform that represented me. Feminessay perfectly represents my writing. As a black woman, I cannot be separated from my art, because my art is a reflection of me. Feminessay is specifically created for Black women to share their art, words, and stories. Not only does it represent me, it is filled with women just like me.


How does it feel to see your work and the feedback that it receives on Feminessay?

It feels great to be in a community of beautiful individuals who can relate to my words and share their feelings about them. I feel so heard, and loved, and welcomed. It is the best feeling ever, to know that you are far from alone.


What advice would you offer to encourage women to write and share their stories through Feminessay?

I would say, write away! There is always going to be a need for more stories, advice, poems, etc. Someone needs to hear what you have to say! Your words matter!


What do you love about Feminessay?

I love that it is a community of women sharing their truths. It is women being honest, uncut, and raw. 


What more would you like to see from Feminessay?

I would like to see more mediums of art on Feminessay!

Get in touch with 


Instagram:  @life_in_words18

Website: Forbidden Fruit EP


Mikahlaya's work on Feminessay:



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