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Share Your Story

We are so excited that you have decided to join the Feminessay community by submitting a written piece of your own!


Feminessay encourages Black women writers to affirm our identities through written pieces, forming a global community of support, encouragement, and affinity through literary fellowship. In other words, we write to relate to one another, build each other up, and remind one another that we are not alone in any of our life experiences through our reading and writing today and every day.


Maybe you have one piece that you've wanted to write for a long time, but you never took the time to write it. Do it! Maybe you have a journal entry that you read periodically to remind you of how much you have grown spiritually. Share it! Whether it is an essay, memoir, poetry, letter, visual art, or another piece, we encourage you to share it with the Feminessay community because you never know the individual or community impact that your writing may have until you share it.


Find a few minutes to flip through your journal, think back to your life's most defining moments, or consider your current journey, and write. You'll be surprised what words and feelings you create when you consider your unique story and share it with the world!

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We welcome all of our stories as well as online dialogue and interaction with other readers and writers from around the world. Be open-minded, share feedback, and submit pieces that will help encourage, uplift, and culturally sustain other Black women who identify with our stories.

Submission Guidelines 


You identify as a Black woman. There is no other online space that is specifically designated for sharing the voices of all Black women through our sharing of lived experiences and storytelling. Our variety is beautiful, and we want to share our many stories with each other and the world.

*If you do not identify as a Black woman, there are many other online spaces to share your work. We appreciate your continued support and we hope that you will engage with the Feminessay community by reading our pieces, appreciating our stories, and encouraging Black women through the power of our writing.

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