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And Then God Created Coconut Oil

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Take this jar of coconut oil and do me one last favor. Scrape a small piece into your palm, melt it in the warmth of your hands, and smooth it into the cracks of my soul.

See, I believe in the healing power of the coconut.

I do not like its water but thank God for it. I am sure it has soothed many an aching throat or bruised windpipe; the oil rubbed in to remedy rope burn as the water cools the fire on the inside. Now its starting to taste too much like the Kool-Aid that everyone seems to be drinking.

See, for the healing to really work:

Make sure your coconut has a husk as dark as the skin of those who first knew its magic. Or just skip the picking and buy it in a jar; I am sure brown hands have touched it anyway. Use it liberally. Smear it on your neck, your back, your hair- all the while truly believing that there is nothing the white salve can’t solve.

See, I believe God gave us coconut oil as a substitute for Jesus himself.

Because they allow themselves to be crucified, split open for their witchcraft, just to cleanse us of impurity.

So please, smooth that white wonder onto my soul. Let it work its way in. Let it be magic, or religion, or both


Maya Hughley, 22, is a recent college graduate trying to find her place in the world and the black community. Enjoys writing, reading, and Donald Glover. Connect with me at or Twitter @mayadhughley.


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