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Be Honest With Yourself

I think one of the biggest problems we as women face today is that we don’t value the importance of honesty. Honesty is one of the greatest gifts we could have possibly been given. More specifically being honest with ourselves can reveal truth, truth that we might have never wanted to admit. For me, being honest with myself and with God always came into focus after constant disappointment. I knew better, but I wasn’t being honest with myself enough to do better. I grew weary of this continuous pattern; always knowing what change needed to be made in my life, but I was never honest enough to actually make the change. I no longer wanted to live a life in denial. Throughout this year I’ve been learning that in order for me to grow not only in my faith, but grow into the person God created me to be I needed to be one hundred percent honest with myself at all times. This meant making mistakes and owning up to them, and knowing when to remove myself from certain environments. I took a leap of faith earlier this year; I decided to quit my job I had been working at for almost four years. I was completely honest with myself when I made the decision to leave, I could no longer stay where there was no growth. I trusted God to make a way in my life during that time. For a couple of months I worked at a job that wasn’t paying me as much as my prior one. Through the hardship I still believed that was just a season I needed to go through in order for me to move forward. After a few months of feeling hopeless at times, while still trying to remain hopeful my situation changed drastically. God did not only come through for me and provide me with a better job, but he blew my mind far more than I could have imagined. I say this to say, that no matter what your situation is whether you’re contemplating leaving a job, ending a relationship, or whatever the case may be. Be honest with yourself. It’s okay if those truths reveal your faults, reveal your pain; there is no one on this Earth (except God) that is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s important to learn from them, and that only starts with being honest from within. Be honest with yourself, but mostly be honest with God because no matter what he brings you through he will always bring you out of to make you stronger, wiser, and more aware of what’s ahead. Don’t negate the season you’re in because the trials you go through. Be honest with yourself because you’re worth more than that.


Sabrina Vixama loves encouraging people and she loves being able to relate to others through personal life experiences. She loves that she is not perfect, but she's still impacting others. She has two blog pages on Instagram: one that encourages you to become your better self, and the other shows you the importance of the kind of foods you put into your body. @toasttoreality @discovervegans


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