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February 17, 2018

I woke up on this day knowing I was depressed but was deciding to attempt happiness. I got dressed, hopped in my car, and drove to the church building where I and Key were supposed to be setting up the Singles ministry sign up table. We get there to find out it was moved to the next day, but there were sisters having prayer circle. I was irritated, I didn't feel like praying. I hadn't been to a prayer circle in ages, so each sister would get a chance to pray right. So when it got to my turn I was a bottle about to explode with unknown pressure and anxiety. I cried the whole time I prayed. My heart was so heavy, but I didn't expect or plan on reacting the way I did. After the prayer circle we left but planned to meet up later to watch Black Panther, which had just came out.

I go home, put on some of my Naija's finest and headed to South Park Meadows. Had some lunch with my sisters in Christ then off to the movies. We went to Chili's afterwards to kick it & talk about the movie. We chilled for a bit then while I was sitting in the booth I get this eerie feeling that passes through my body... My mood changes and I tell my SIC that I'm gonna head home. We say our goodbyes and I get in my car. I immediately call my daughter to check in on her. We're talking and I'm exiting out the Walmart side turning onto Slaughter Lane going west. I'm telling Promise about the movie and I pause. I see a car accident and the east bound side of Slaughter is blocked off. Promise asked What was wrong? I said I think there was a fatality. She asked what a fatality was and I explained that it's when someone is killed. I said a quick prayer just asking God to have mercy on whoever was involved in the accident like I always do. While talking to her, my Mom starts calling, I swipe down to call her later. Not even 10 seconds later my father is calling now. My parents never call back to back so I tell Promise I'll call her back. I answered and my father's voice gave me pause. I remember hearing him say "Devon was hit by a car, meet us at South Austin Hospital" I don't remember anything else except for flooring it all the way to my house, leaving my car door open and running full speed to my front door yelling for Promise. I snatched off my top and head wrap, grabbed a sweater and was out the door. I didn't realize I was screaming til Promise touched me and asked me to stop screaming. I remember in that moment I realized the accident I passed was my nephew...

We made it to the hospital where my family had started to gather. I knew in my heart he was gone but kept quiet. The hospital wouldn't tell us anything until my sister arrived. The social worker took my sister & parents to the back to tell them my nephew had passed. Then they took my sister, my parents, my nephew Austin, and me to see his body. My nephew was 23, he had just became a father 10 days earlier.

He lived

He laughed

He loved

He left

August 10, 1994 - February 17, 2018


Blessing Ehigie, 31, a single Christian Nigerian American single mother of 2 beautiful reasons why she can't stop and won't stop her hustle. She is passionate about her job. Besides the Lord, music is her one true love. She is a self-proclaimed music snob and lyrics junkie. She can be a bit of a character. Also she is confidently divorced.


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