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An Open Letter to Myself (and this time I mean it)

Dear self, please stop giving your time to people who don’t deserve it. I get it, you think that you’re not deserving of good loving. You feel as though your existence is such a burden that you’ve started to apologize for being here.

Well you’re here, and for the time being, that won’t change. So ask yourself, why can’t someone be on time for you and it be okay? Why do you feel as though you don’t deserve someone staying up for you? Why can’t someone hold open the door for you? Why can’t who you love, love you back?

Why can’t you love yourself?

I know that you think that all the bad things in your life that have happened to you somehow correlate to your shortcomings, and while some things are indeed your fault, not everything is. So, I need you to understand something.

You can have good things.

You can have good laughs. You can have good times. For God’s sake, you can take a nap. You don’t always have to be doing something. You don’t always have to put other’s feelings above your own. You can take a break. You can be lazy sometimes. You can say no. You can say yes.

You have choices.

I know that you think that you don’t, but you don’t. You have been letting some unseen force be the reason you do everything for others, but who do you owe?

Who do you live for, if not yourself?

Who are you sneaking peeks at sunsets for? Who are you indulging for?

You’ve been living your own life in guilty pleasures and seconds.

You’ve wasted a lot of time, and you’re tired.

Can you please, for you, stop living like your time is expendable? You are not replaceable. No, there is no one in comparison to you. There is not one person more deserving of love than you. You deserve to love yourself and mean it.


Her name is Mikhayla and she likes to view life in the light of words. She never knew how to express herself until she started writing. Her words have freed her, and she hopes they can do the same for others.


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