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Letter to My Future Partner

To My Dearest Future Partner,

I hope this letter finds you in good favor and health. I felt that I needed to write this letter to you and express my feelings and what I would love our future to look like. I would have preferred to do this in person, but I wanted to make sure that my present self was able to articulate this to my future self and partner. I want to be able to communicate my thoughts, words properly and efficiently and not let our feelings or emotions get the best of us.

This is the first time I am writing anyone such a letter and the reason I am doing this is because I feel you are my PARTNER, my SOUL MATE, and my LIFE COMPANION. I feel like the first day we will meet, we would lock eyes, and there would be a calmness and excitement that would take over our bodies, which we have never felt before. It's hard to explain that feeling, but that's the moment I will knew we belong together. Cliché I know sounds like a romance novel, but our union and wedding will speak to Black excellence, our traditions will be what shapes and makes Queens and Kings and our story will be told in love novels and on the big screen (feel free to chuckle).

I want our marriage to be our own, to laugh, to have fun, to travel, to be happy and sad together. We need to make it our own. My hope and prayer is that our spiritual paths will lead and guide me to becoming the kind of partner you would want and deserve and you the husband and partner created for me.

These are things that I figure I should express now in the beginning stages of when we start dating. I want you to be my KING, my LOVER and my BEST FRIEND and I want to be your Queen, your all or nothing, and ride or die chick. That’s the life I picture and hope for. I do not expect marriage to be easy, but with fairness, trust, honesty, safety and respect for each other, we should be able to overcome any obstacles that would come our way. I wish all the love and best in our life together.

Now do not get it twisted, because I am professing my desires to you, does not mean I will not hold you accountable as well when it comes to my needs and wants. I still need you to be the provider of our household, to be there when I need a shoulder to cry on, help me take care of our children and raise them to be great human beings. I want us to work out together (staying fit and healthy is a must) When you fall or the stresses of the world get to you, I will be there to lift you up and carry on as your support, your partner, your team mate.

The universe and our zodiac signs (not sure what sign you will be, but I am sure it is one that is compatible with mine) lead me to believe that you will be a fun, caring and passionate guy and these will be the qualities that will attract me to you. We will make great moments in our marriage and I will love every moment of it. For that I will forever be grateful and appreciative of our love, memories and hopefully friendship. I believe we will continue to discover things about ourselves during our time together and that will make us stronger and better people.

I want to wish you all the success in this life and beyond and thank you for loving this imperfect perfect being. But again, you haven’t been created or should I say, we are still two passing strangers, waiting for the universe to place you in my life and mine in yours. So this is just my submission of love to you. I want us to be glad to be on this journey of love and service to ourselves, each other and our communities. I want to get to know you on a deeper and spiritual cosmic space, where our souls intertwine and we get lost in each other. My belief, as long as we have each other, we have a HOME.

Thank you again my future partner, whoever you are.

With all my love always and forever, signed your world.

Flexy Forever Yours


Her name is Felicia Okonkwo, most people know her as Flexy, Ok Flexy. She is African American with Nigerian Roots. Was born in Chicago, Illinois, but lived and went to high school in Nigeria and returned to the states in 1995. She has had the pleasure of hosting and coordinating local events with different organizations within the Boston area such as being a member of the United Sisters of Color (USOC), co-host for Boston Naturals, mentor and Big Sister with the Big Sisters of Greater Boston and Mother Caroline Academy. She also served as Vice President for an organization called Seekers of Knowledge, a dance organization for young black girls and also was a City Awake Delegate with the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. She has come to meet a lot of different people in her line of work and she really believes that people have lost their humanity along the way, so she is hoping to change and pave the way for a better mankind when it comes to service of others. She is a daughter, sister, mentor, big sister, friend and helper. She is looking to open and manage a catering business called SistAct 3 Catering, with her two sisters and brother, which they are hoping to turn to a storefront soon. Their passion for cooking and serving is the driving force behind it. Her motto in life is "Live and Love".

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1 commentaire

Dearest Flexy -

I pray that as you wrote that with your pure Heart, GOD will grant you that King as you desire...HE treasures you and want only what's best for you.

In reading your article, it made me tear inner which got exposed through outer expression. As journey continues for this Exceptional King, know that you have the Super Powers - your Beautifully made, you have Integrity, you are Sexy & Dope inside and to the outside. Stay Kind & Helpful and you will receive just that...I will continually pray as your Sis in Christ to Receive this Blessing as it only come from him!!

Stay GREAT!!!

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