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A Mother's Plea

Heavy is the crown of responsibility.

You don’t know the sacrifices I made for stability.

You lovingly called me “Dear Mother”

But now in your silence you call me “Other”.

The years I have taken to teach you

Are shattered in the heights I can’t reach to.

We may not be on the same page of life

This thing between us shouldn’t cause such strife.

I’m the one that had to make a hard decision

Now I pray you won’t keep up with this division.

My heart was truly hurt

By the words you spoke, so curt.

Now when I attempt to call

You won’t pick up the phone at all.

If you say God lives in your heart

Then why are you willing to let us fall apart?

I pray your heart will soon forgive

Because this is no way for us to live.

To. my adult estranged child

I have loved you this whole while.

So if you won’t allow a face to face

May God bless you with His peace, love and grace.


Angela is currently rediscovering her passion for writing in the sunshine state. Mother of four grown children, grandmother of five lovelies.


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