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What is the Color of Blue if There isn’t a Sky

Red eyes

I open them wondering what day it is

I had a dream, I had a dream

It was my granny, wondering how long till death, in his black robe and no mask coughs on her

Mother isn’t happy, mother grounded humanity and sent us to our rooms

She needed a break

She needed to clear her head from the grey fog we gave her

I look out my window, seeing yellow through the air, hitting the buildings

I recklessly try to look at the orange sun as we continue to entertain him

Is he gossiping to his moon

He’s still laughing, why is he laughing, I hate that he’s laughing

Carelessly green with envy as scrubs, jumpers and smocks drag to metal cars, buses and trains

Where’s the silver lining, is there a silver lining, should we expect a silver lining, do we want a silver lining

My arm is out the window, my brown skin feels the wind, touch the tan bricks and try to remember how many Africa gold bodies died yesterday

Should I wait here, I will wait here, if I wait here, the last thing I’ll see is this fifty shades of white ceiling

Eyes close

Waiting for the emerald waters and champagne deserts to drop

Let it drop, could it drop, will it drop, if it drop

What is the color of blue if there isn’t a sky


Majella Mark is a researcher and artist who has created pieces for many art exhibitions including "Tiny Pricks" and "Visual Aids". She also conducted numerous social justice workshops such as "The Wakanda Workshop", addressing racial inequalities using Marvel's "Black Panther" as a cultural reference and the "Pussy Plate Painting Party" to address gender inequalities and the objectification of the female body inspired by Judy Chicago's art piece, “The Dinner Party”. With her sister Sherrie Mark she founded the creative house 'Met God, She’s Black' that consists of a podcast, online community, events, art activism and collaborations.


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