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I want to slide my fingers onto your periphery then up your CNS on my way there I want to walk them along your spinothalamic so that you feel a little tickle and warmth 

I want to play a game of guess where I’m touching you and touch your spinocerebellar and make you think I’m near your trunk then touch your cuneate and make you think I’m on your arms

Then touch your gracile and make your legs vibrate as I laugh 

Then I want to glide along your corticospinal so that I can turn you into my own little puppet making your limbs and trunk dance around the room

Then I’ll give you a rest and walk along your corticobulbar tract and make your neck tilt your head towards mine and your mouth take the shape of a kiss against mine

But before you even get a kiss I’ll quickly tap your tectospinal and make your head snap towards a light

Due to the whiplash you may get I’ll softly glide my fingers along your reticulospinal so that the pain subdues and you lose some tone and relax next to me 

When you get a little too close to for comfort I’ll then poke your vestibulospinal and send you into a dizzy and make you lose your balance as you try to catch up with me 

When your dizziness subsides I’ll touch your rubrospinal so that your hands grab a hold of me 

I’ll touch your frontal lobe and make your sensual feelings towards me come out

I’ll glide my hands along Broca’s area so that you can tell me how much you want me 

I’ll then touch your parietal lobe so that you feel my deep touches and the pressure of my hands gliding  against your back and arms and let you feel my fingers spelling out your name on your chest

Then I’ll slide my fingers along your temporal lobe so that you can hear my breaths deepen as you hold me in your arms

I’ll then glide my hands along your occipital lobe so that you can see my body and I’ll glide back to the corticospinal so that you can use your limbs to control my body


Melvina is originally from Philadelphia, PA but currently studying full time in Ireland. Due to wanting a change in life and to advance her career, she decided to move to Europe. Back in Philadelphia she frequents the open mic circuit. She writes about her experiences as a black woman in America, being from a West African immigrant family, her interactions with people, travelling and from how she sees the world.


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