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Can't Give It to Just No Anybody

When I make love, you can feel me through every limb every nerve every bit of your being

When I make love, I create Love

When I make love, I make music through my movements

When I make love, you get to hear my most sweetest notes

When I make love, you get to play my deepest melody

When I make love, I pour my whole self into your cup that I drip down from your rim

When I make love, my soul attaches itself to yours as one

When I make love, it will be with the man God created just for me

When I make love, he will belong to me

Belong; a verb meaning property of or being a part of something.

I will not share

I don’t possess that trait when it comes to you.

He ask, why won’t I give him my life creating delicacy?

Well, I can’t give it to just no anybody.


Blessing is a single 32-yr-old young black Christian woman, attempting to adult in a society that isn't checking for women that look like her. She has 2 beautiful naija princesses that she is honored to call her children. She writes what she wants when she feels it. She is a low key poetic songbird.

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