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City Kid Logic

City moms like sun, too

Pudding piles of cinnamon and rice

Reach tin bowl rims like

Country hills

Kiss sunlight

City moms might dot their tops

With canned fruit chunks and

Boxed dark-chocolate drops

Their flowers come

From shops in pots and


How they brighten up

City high rise hallways

And packed parking lots

City Mom pies rise

In tight corner kitchens

With an aroma

That curls up like

City smoke and

Rare roadside oaks

City moms

Make thick mango sweets

Spawn age old

Tricks in quick

City streets

And moms like these

Don’t need

Sea breeze

Or country dancing ease

Or forest soft trees

To make us kids feel safe

To make everyone feel

Needed and real


Us City Kids are

Sweet magic, too

Warm and sweet with

Big city wins and feats

Street-light powered

And blued

With sparkling city sky

Twilight hues

Shiny and high lustered

We’re like new mixed paint colors

Miles Davis copper and brass

Run down feet

We are Loretta Claiborn City Fast

We gleam with

Sidewalk shattered glass,

Brave unknown trails of

Tire stained lanes

We are nighttime alleyway Firestained

Early morning paper-route rained

Christmas-time broke

Puffed with city smoke warmth

And hand sewn coats

We Kids are

City Mom made and

Neighborhood raised

Got urban garden grown

Herbs in our City made veins

Hand laid brick housed

Fed and fine

City sunned and

Momma’s spit shined

Lathered and rolled

In hand-stirred butters

And candy necklace gold

We are corner market fed

Church meeting learned

Police smacked and prodded

We are shaken City firm

God sends us messages

Through city dwelling birds

She’s a City Mom, too

Bakes, spins, and stirs

And sends magic enough

To City Kid run the

Whole Wide and Deep World


Throughout her childhood adventures and equally imaginative young adult life, Skye Ellis has been lead by curiosity. Ellis moved from MA to D.C. to explore community, identity, free play, improvisation, and the art of organized rebellion. Questions about the society in which she's expected to conform to stimulate her work as an actress, writer, designer, and lover.


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