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I Politely Decline

If i must swallow my education for misguided opinion,

If i must digest my experience in solitude and silence,

If i must curl up the corners of my mouth into a smile and swallow the truth (just to please you).

Then i’d rather not be invited (for a seat at your table).

A single seat at your table has not meant inclusivity, and swallowing myself whole will be my defeat.

-I politely decline


Lyn Patterson is a poet and flash fiction writer originally from Seattle, Washington. She has lived all over the east coast and currently travels while teaching online courses to aspiring reading teachers. She is inspired by poetry and flash fiction because of the creativity, healing, and reflection it provides both author and reader. Themes she explores are intersectionality, feminism, identity, non-western religious beliefs, and relationships in the digital age. She is currently working on her debut manuscript while salsa dancing every chance she gets.


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