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Moonlight; An Ode to the Fear for My Unborn Son

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Last time I checked

There was no mercy for black boys

In the midnight streets of the living.

Black boys are the only people I know

That walk the hybrid line

Of ugly truths and non-validities.

Proof that you could be both

Too real with substance

As well as completely empty.

Black boys are the truth

Beneath the concrete


Black boys are the concrete

For as much blood has been spilt

You’d think it’d fill the cracks

They fell through.

As to stop the next one from falling too.

But it never does.

Just another black boy

They used to

Pave the streets

With red

And gold

And Secrets.

There is no mercy for black boys

In the midnight streets of the living

Just another corner

Awaiting candle services

And momma’s tears

And toy cars

For other little black boys

To play with

On their brother’s concrete.


Sam Azule is a New York poet whose work centers around female empowerment, self discovery and self worth. Her intent for audiences and readers of her work is to inspire and to give voice to the experiences of black women that many overlook.


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