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Pencil Sharpener

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

A device for sharpening a pencil by rotating a cutter around its point.

My sweet baby

Did you picture your feelings as a fresh pack of #2 pencils

Unable to express yourself until put to the blade of the sharpener

Not going to deep

But deep enough to free yourself from the numbness

My beautiful girl

I know your pain too well

Not knowing what you like

Trying to figure out life

While being Christian like

In a secular world

Why my dad isn’t around

Why my mama work so many hours

Why I gotta baby-sit

Why is her dad around but mine isn’t

He was my dad at one point

Why is my butt bigger than theirs

Why do I have stretch marks there

I hate my hair

Beautiful black girl

You only been on this Earth for a few years

I hear your silent cries

I can see your tear stained cheeks

Masked by the beautiful “she’s the perfect 1st born” child smile

My dear baby

Take a deep breath

No pressure

You are amazing

Allow my love to be what sharpens you

Let me teach you to continue to put God first

To Love God

To Love Self

To Love family

I see you sweet girl

I see your scars

My tear stained face kisses each scar

Loving you more now than I ever have before

You are my everything


Blessing Ehigie, 31, a single Christian Nigerian American single mother of 2 beautiful reasons why she can't stop and won't stop her hustle. She is passionate about her job. Besides the Lord, music is her one true love. She is a self-proclaimed music snob and lyrics junkie. She can be a bit of a character. Also she is confidently divorced.


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