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The Dirt Seen Thousands Got No Child Support, But, Whatever, Carry On.


Christina Springer is an Alt. Black artist who uses text, performance, video and other visual expressions to communicate what the space between molecules in the air wish for you to know. Cave Canem shaped her voice. Her book, The Splooge Factory is forthcoming from Frayed Edge Press in November. Futuristic Relics & Motherboards Sacred: a collection of 75 paintings, fabric and mixed media objects from a museum of our Black womanist utopian future has shown recently in San Jose, Dayton and Pittsburgh. Her most recent theatrical offering, “She Diva Died. & Come Again?” incorporated text, movement, music and video to explore the challenges and joys of raising a Black man. Her educational outreach work included four site-specific, mixed-media projects with youth at The Tower Of London. Springer resides in Pittsburgh where she home educates her son.

Photo Credit: Danielle Robinson


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