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I'm wrapped in you...


Tied up in thoughts of you and

lost in all the parts of you that

I'm dying to figure out.

I'm dying

Just trying

to figure you out.

Like, your hands.

I want to know them

and the mountains they've moved.

I want to roam

the lands that lay

between the layers of your skin.

How I'd love it if you'd water me.

So that I could grow among the hair

that gets to know your



If only I could know your body.

I'd memorize your rhythm

and learn the pulse and pace

so near to me,

yet always so hard to feel.

I'd float atop your rivers and finally,

I'd swim with you.

If only you would water me.

Your legs carry all of you

and I just want to come along.

I want to know your missteps

And, without judgment,

I'd get to know

The spaces you've filled,

The moments you've kept.

If only I could know you.

You've been everywhere.

Inward and outward.

Your eyes reflect the sky

Your hands hold the world

Your skin embodies me.

It's like I'm wrapped in you.

It’s as if you’re…



Throughout her childhood adventures, and equally imaginative young adult life, Skye Ellis has been lead by curiosity. Ellis moved from MA to D.C. to explore community, identity, free play, improvisation, and the art of organized rebellion. Questions about the society in which she's expected to conform to stimulate her work as an actress, writer, designer, and friend.


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